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      Product : Open Top Cylindrical Drums

      Open Top Cylindrical Drums

      Open top drums are sealed using a ring and gasket. These types of drums are best suited for products with a high viscosity. Our open top drums are SABS approved and both new and reconditioned drums are available.

      Further details can be made available on request.

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      Volume 210 litre
      Weight +-14.5kg
      Internal Diameter 573mm
      External Diameter 575mm
      Steel Gauge – Top 0.9mm (other sizes available on request)
      Steel Gauge – Body 0.8mm (other sizes available upon request)
      Steel Gauge - Bottom 0.9mm (other sizes available upon request)
      Height 880mm
      Material Cold Rolled Steel
      Internal Coating Unlined or Lined Epoxy Phenolic Drum Lining – Baked, FDA approved
      External Coating Spray Stoving Enamel
      Closures 19mm/51mm (Standard)

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