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      Product : Conical Drums

      Conical Drums

      Conical Drums have revolutionized the packaging and drum manufacturing industries. Designed according to international UN standards, these drums are highly resilient, resistant to climate changes and are intended for storage and transportation of liquids and hazardous materials in various modes of transport.

      These drums were specifically developed to satisfy the requirements of the food industry. When filled, 80 conical drums on wooden pallets can be fitted inside a 20ft container saving on packaging materials, handling and transportation costs for finished filled conical drums. Otherwise, 900 conical drums can be exported in a 20ft container/1800 conical drums in a 40ft container.

      Further details can be made available on request.

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      Volume 225 litre
      Weight 10kg
      Diameter Top 560mm
      Diameter Bottom 520mm
      Steel Gauge – Top 0.6mm/0.7mm
      Steel Gauge – Body 0.6mm/0.7mm
      Steel Gauge - Bottom 0.6mm/0.7mm
      Height 960mm
      Material Cold Rolled Steel
      Internal Coating Lined with FDA approved Epoxy Phenolic Drum Lining – Baked
      External Coating Stoving Enamel – Baked
      Lid New Galvanised Lid – plain without Bungs
      Ring New Galvanised Clip-on Closing Rings

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